Where Travel Begins,


Jienem is a solutions company for small and medium-sized lodging businesses.

Online-based booking system, commerce (fares), consulting, and franchise business.

Transform technology into a solution for the neglected small and medium-sized lodging business.

JIENEM is the leader in the Korean Guesthouse industry

with the most affiliated vendors and sales channel partners.

JIENEM's reservation system is linked to various domestic and overseas sales channels such as web portals, social commerce sites, open marketplaces, and OTAs,

allowing for the management and promotion of our inventories

through these sales channel from a single reservation system.

Travel Review Service


Volo is a service that records moments of travel vividly and easily.

Today, there is a wealth of vivid travel stories from users all over the world.

It's a tourist attraction, a tourist playground, a Volo.

Hotel Consulting Solution


JIENEM's HOSS (Hotel Online Sales integrated Solution) provides sales/channel strategy establishment

and operation service optimized to respond to rapidly-changing hostel industry,

maximizing sales and earnings for clients through systematic analysis and execution.

Room Management System


JIENEM provides Property Management System (PMS)

which allows confirmation of reservation status, and management of room availability,

pricing, financial data, and various statistics to all partners.

JIENEM's PMS is a system specialized for guesthouses and small and medium-sized hotels developed

through partnership with a leading company in comprehensive accommodation industry in South Korea.

Online Shopping Mall


More than 6,500 room supplies and amenities for small and medium-sized accommodation vendors

are available for purchase at 'GEHA STORE', JIENEM's online shopping mall.

GEHA STORE provides room supplies including food, amenities, home appliances, hotel-quality

bedding products and others, carefully selected by JIENEM's accommodation experts, at a reasonable price.

JIENEM can also take on development projects for small and

medium-sized accommodation including but not limited to procuring properties,

analyzing feasibility, and constructing and operating facilities.

JIENEM is innovating small and medium-sized accommodation facilities

with abundant development experience and systematic work process.

Next-Generation Hotel

Hotel Sleepy Panda.

HOTEL SLEEPY PANDA, JIENEM's small and medium-sized hotel brand,

is a next-generation hallmark which boasts sensual design, practical structure, and reasonable pricing.

HOTEL SLEEPY PANDA has been attracting attention from tourists from all over the world

with its unique and trendy BI and an identity idealized for small and medium-sized hotel.

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Boutique Hostel


Providing high-quality facilities at a reasonable price,

JIENEM's boutique hostel 'PHILSTAY' ensures best experience for guests.

Currently operating 10 frachise hostels in Seoul's major business districts,

the trendiness of the brand is well received by visitors.

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